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Reports and Factsheets

The criminal legal system in Illinois can often feel like a jigsaw puzzle, full of interlocking laws, policies, and eccentricities that can be overwhelming even to experienced advocates. Restore Justice publishes a series of reports and factsheets which provide straightforward and reliable information on different aspects of the Illinois criminal legal system.

Current legislation

Every legislative session, Restore Justice champions criminal legal reform bills to advocate for change in Springfield. Read about our bills and access legislative factsheets (if applicable) below.


Restore Justice compiles information and research summaries on our main focus areas to provide reliable information to those interested in understanding the criminal legal system in Illinois.

In Illinois, several factors have converged to funnel thousands of children and young adults into prison for extreme lengths of time, where they are deprived of their liberty, their chance for rehabilitation, and their possibility of release. Explore our factsheets below to learn more about the current state of the sentencing young people in Illinois, and how Restore Justice works to reform these areas.