Each of us can be greater than the worst thing we’ve ever done. No matter how serious the offense, everyone deserves support for rehabilitation and a second chance at life.

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Restore Justice trains and supports advocates, conducts research, nurtures partnerships, and develops policy solutions that will roll back the “tough on crime” policies of the past, replacing them with compassionate, smart, and safe policies for the future. Join us!

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Our latest commentary series provides bite-sized explanations of some of Illinois’ unique criminal justice policies and practices.

What are the sentences for different felonies?

In Illinois, felony class determines the mandatory minimum a person must serve for a given offense. Read more→

What are “Firearm Enhancements?”

In Illinois, judges are required to add 15, 20, or 25 years to the prison sentences if the defendant was found to have possessed or discharged a firearm during the crime’s commission. Read more→

What is “the felony-murder rule?”

In Illinois, a person can be charged and convicted of first-degree murder—a conviction that carries a minimum sentence of twenty years and, under certain circumstances, a maximum sentence of natural life—even if they did not actually kill the victim or intend to commit the murder.   Read more→

What is a “de facto” life sentence?

De facto life sentences are non-life sentences that are so long that the sentenced person will likely die or live out a significant majority of their natural lives before they are released. Read more→


Restore Justice educates policy-makers and engages advocates in promoting positive solutions.

First New Parole Opportunities in Illinois Since 1978

2019 Impact

HB 531 – now Public Act 100-1182 – creates new parole opportunities for those under 21 coming into the system today with extreme sentences ahead of them—the first new opportunity for parole in this state since the practice was abolished in 1978.  Individuals seeking review will have the right to an attorney and the Prisoner Review Board will be required to consider the hallmark features of youth and subsequent growth when making their determinations.

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