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Our Impact

We work to end extreme sentences for children and youth in Illinois and replace them with compassionate, common-sense policies that bring people home sooner and make communities safer.

Our policy team engages with Illinois legislators to advocate for criminal legal system reform around sentencing as well as the humanity of those currently or formerly incarcerated and their families.

We also support returning citizens and family members of incarcerated loved ones with a variety of programs and training. 

read stories about our impact

The selection of stories below highlights the some of the successes of Restore Justice.

Wendell’s story

“None of us are who we were at 17. I believe we have to start giving a real look within to see all the treasures that have been thrown away. When you give us the chance to be useful, we take it; we make amends.”

Najei’s story

“Being at Restore Justice now, I am starting to feel powerful, like I can really help people who are still in prison and people coming home.”