Restore Justice offers the following resources:

IDOC Family Liaison

Reach Illinois Department of Corrections Family Liaison Natalie Mason at DOC.Constituent.Services@illinois.gov.

Reentry Resources for Returning Citizens

A number of organizations in and around Chicago offer aid and programs to returning citizens. These services include everything from housing help and job training to legal aid for expunging of records. Returning Citizens Network (RCN) meetings are held monthly and attended by recently Returning Citizens who were incarcerated for lengthy adult sentences as youth.

Family Support Group

Communities & Relatives of Illinois Incarcerated Children (CRIIC) is a support group for people with incarcerated loved ones. Most members have loved ones serving serving extreme sentences, more than 20 years, imposed on them as youth, but everyone is welcome. Through monthly meetings, CRIIC keeps track of current legislative efforts and litigation, and also provides support and encouragement.

Training Series for People with Incarcerated Loved Ones

In partnership with the Coalition to Decarcerate Illinois: we are hosting an advocacy training series for people with incarcerated loved ones. Trainings will be held on a Monday each month.

Know More

The criminal legal and prison systems in Illinois can often feel like a jigsaw puzzle, full of interlocking laws, policies, and eccentricities that can be overwhelming even to experienced advocates. Restore Justice publishes a series of “Know More” posts. Each post will provide a straightforward overview of a different aspect of the Illinois criminal legal system.

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