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People v. Davis (March 2014)

RULING: Miller v. Alamaba is retroactive in Illinois.

People v. Davis (March 2014)

Adolfo Davis was 14 years old when he was arrested for two murders. He was charged in adult court with 31 counts and was convicted of two counts of first degree murder, two counts of attempted murder, and home invasion. Based on the Illinois statute requiring a life sentence for anyone convicted of multiple murders, Davis received a life sentence without the possibility of parole, as well as 30 years for each count of attempted murder and home invasion to run concurrently.

The Illinois Supreme Court decided Miller v. Alabama applied retroactively to Davis in his state post-conviction petition procedure. Therefore, Davis’s sentence was vacated; he was entitled to a resentencing hearing in which the factors laid out in Miller could be considered in mitigation in his new sentence. In May 2015, Davis was resentenced to life in prison on all counts without the possibility of parole. In 2016, the State’s Attorney’s office offered Davis a deal – 60 years. Because of his good behavior, he would only need to serve 30 years. Davis was released in 2020.

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