A Letter from Mike, Incarcerated in IDOC

A Letter from Mike, Incarcerated in IDOC

I’m hopeful that this message can be shared with all of the thousands of our concerned loved ones whom are currently taking steps to insure that those of us confined within state and federal correctional facilities are taken care of during the global COVID-19 crisis.

I have recently learned through communications with loved ones that there is a vast number of people out there whom are lending us their voices to speak out about the concern over the 2 million men and women locked behind bars during this current pandemic. It means so much to me to know that we are not forgotten and to know that we are loved and supported right now.

Obviously those of us confined are at serious risk of contracting the coronavirus, and worse still, infecting our community of incarcerated citizens who might be at higher risk than any of us individually. Prisons are not known for their cleanliness, isolated lifestyles, or exemplary healthcare. There can be no question that when this virus hits us, it will be devastating for everyone here.

Our environments are bad. This virus will thrive here. We are all scared in these cells. Scared that we will become ill and be casualties of this horrific outbreak.

However, we know that we have a voice with groups like RJI and other organizations committed to ensuring that our exposure is minimized and that our treatments will be the best under these trying circumstances.

We know that you are out there. We know that you are concerned, and we understand that you are there for us. We know that you are trying all in your power to ensure we are represented during this time.

Please know that we appreciate every one of you and that it means the world to us that you are standing with us, even though we are not seen or heard from by the world at large.

We are human. We love and we are loved and we are so very grateful for each and ever one of you trying to protect us right now.

Thank you.

Be kind to one another and stay safe.


  • Crystal Saahene
    Posted at 08:56h, 27 March Reply

    Every life matters.

  • Leshawn D Lundy
    Posted at 10:46h, 27 March Reply

    They should find a way to lock inmates down at home

  • Mary Aiardo
    Posted at 02:51h, 20 April Reply

    If the laws recently passed were retroactive, many would be released. This is the time to do what is right. Each person deserves consideration, especially if you have served 60% of your time and are doing well. Again. you are throwing away lives who have much to contribute

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